Monday, July 26, 2010

Jumbo clothespins and a sled

Well once the paintbrushes started to swish I really got back into painting sooner than later. Last year it was a lot later than sooner and I suffored for it. I had my dear hubs cut me out some more sleighs large and small and this is one of the sleds, and those huge clothespins are very popular to clip on recipes, notes or even a shopping list. I had those pins in my stash with something else painted on them and they were not  what I may say politely the best pattern, so I found a free pattern over at Renee Mullin's site and tried to download it. Well that was  a disaster, for some reason I kept getting a message saying IE couldn't find the page. Hmmm nothing blocked, I cleared my cache and cookies out so then I went to my most favourite group The Friendly Palette and those girls came to my immediate rescue.  2 girls sent me the pattern via email and 1 girl printed it off from work and it is enroute to me. What a great group of friends I have. Another painter always knows the stress it can cause if you can't have or get a pattern. Yikes, and you have to have it yesterday. LOL
So, to my Friendly Palette friends a huge thank you.
Til next time keep painting or creating or whatever it is that you do. Do with love and pride.



  1. Lesley its lovely to see all your painting creations. I love to paint also but I'm sad to admit that I haven't picked up a brush for a long time now. Seeing your painting just reminded me how I miss it! I love those patterns and will definately pop over to Terrye's blog, quickly before all my paints dry up.

  2. OMG Loving that Sled Les!! So cute!
    Jan x

  3. Lesley,
    I really love what you painted on these! The candy canes look so 3D!


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