Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some good news and some painting

First the good news, I finally heard that I am in  the Christian High School craft show this November. I had to find another outlet because of my show that I had been doing for years has come to an end. I have never been involved in a "juried" show so I was a little nervous as to what to expect. I had to get some pictures together to show the type of painting I do and submit with my paper work then wait and wait and wait. I finally heard last week that I was accepted and now I can carry on and paint. I don't intend to paint like a madwoman, I do have some physical limitations so I have to stretch myself out and rest between projects so for those who do shows and know the work and the stress that is involved, I have started early to get my inventory up and give me lots of time to organize and do things a bit differently from my Home Spun Hill show.
Even tho I wasn't sure I would be in this one ,I still maintained that I would be able to do a local community show down the road from here and so I had started a few things just in case.
You would think painting snowmen on hot summer days like we are having and humidity to drive you insane and thinking winter seems so long and dreary, I find it quite cooling to do these fellas and no matter what time of year it is, snowmen always make me smile. I paint a lot of snowmen and each one is different and never turns out the same twice.
So just relax, take a peek and enjoy my small collection I am about to share with you and please come back often.
I will be showing a few paper items in my next post, then I have considered taking a paper time out in August to just maybe paint and relax for the rest of the summer.
I hope you are enjoying the lazy days, bbquing and spending time with family and friends.

This is a Renee Mullins pattern that I have put onto a large canvas. I love the whimsical designs for winter and Christmas, they do sell well for me.

The next 2 sleighs are Monika Brint patterns. I adapted the original design to fit onto the sleds.  Hubs is going to make more for me so I can have several designs and colours to chose from. Yippeee


Next is a much smaller sled about 6 or 8 inches long with a Renee Mullins cat holding a red bird design. Her cats are so cute and being a cat lover I have to paint cats now and then

And last but not least a couple little paper mache boxes I had in my stash, every painter I know has a stash of goodies to paint on and I painted this Renee design. These would make a great teacher gift with some goodies, candies or even chocolates in them.

Thanks for dropping by and see you next time for some more arty fun. :)


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous Les....the first one is my fave - love that canvas although they are all so very sweet :)

  2. aww the cat is my fav althoght i do love snowmwn too...... looks like you will be pretty busy les...and congrats on getting into the show...

  3. Wow Les! You've been keeping those brushes movin'! Great job on everything. Congrats on being accepted at the show. I had no doubt you would =) Keep up the great work!!!

  4. You are so good ... love all your pieces of art. Just wonderful! :) Congrats, how could they not have you in there show ... you rock darling painted pieces.

  5. Busy girl Lesley! Do you paint anything for FAll? Thats as big as Christmas here!

  6. WOW Gorgeous!!
    Love the canvas!!
    I want a sled!! Love the first one, snowman with the brown clothing. Awesome!!
    Congrats on getting a show too!

    Jan x


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