Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Painting and I am BEET

What do these two topics have in common you ask???? Well nothing really, I have been very busy so far this month and I am very glad I took Paper crafting out of the mix. I have been getting a lot done painting and the garden is at it's peek right now and I have been getting beets put down as well. So far I have done 23 jars and out of 23 jars only 3 or 4 are the smaller jars, and the rest are 1 Liter size. I am not done yet but this weekend I will tackle some more. Just to do one batch of beets in my space challenged kitchen takes me 4 hoursThe mess of taking that outer skin off, I wear gloves to do this but somehow I still manage to get beet stain under my nails. I look like I haven't washed or cleaned my hands in ages. Anyways this is one of the things taking up my time this month and like I said there are more to do yet. I haven't even done a complete row and I have 2 rows of red beets and a partial row of the yellow. Hmmmm maybe I can trade beets for something else with someone close by......

This beet is the largest so far that I picked, it is 4 1/2 iches across and over 5 in length, some beets were close but this beet has topped them all. This beet sat on my kitchen counter as I pickled his buddies, Beetnik to me is like Mr. Potato Head but I didn't bother with the eyes and such. Beetnik will be cooked and preserved by the weekend and join his fellow beet friends in the jars. Maybe Beetnik will have his own jar since he is so large, I will let you know.
And this next pic doesn't really show the size of the pail but it is a 5 gal and we filled a 2nd one and probably will fill a few more.

Now the fun stuff, painting for my show this fall. First here are a couple of long breadboards that I antiqued and painted saltbox houses with a saying, to see the pics better just click on the pic and it will take you to another window. The breadboard I originally bought from a thrift store a couple years ago and like the shape of it I traced it out on wood and forgot about them til I went routing around and found 2, so hubs cut them out for me and this is what I did.

and the next one.....

And this past weekend I painted 16 coasters with a different Terrye French pattern on them. I did 4 of each design, now to figure should I put 4 of the same design together or pick one from each and sell them that way. I like variety but some like all the same. I still have more coasters to paint but I like to take a break from a surface so I will think on some more designs to paint on them.

And a new pattern I just purchased from my friend Marie (you can click on her button on my left hand sidebar and it will take you to her site). Marie recently embarked on designing e-pattern packets and this one I had to have. It is so cute, Marie painted a similar box to store her tea lites in. I found this smaller band box I had in my stash and painted the design on this. What a great idea Marie and such a cutie pattern.

So that's it for now. I have painted a few other things as well but they aren't really things you havne't seen   already and I try not to be too repetitive in my work.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Hi Lesley, I love beets too....if I lived closer I would certainly trade with you...lol
    And I just LOVE what you have been painting for your upcoming show...you are very talented...
    if I were buying the coasters, I would want one of each...all the designs are so gorgeous, I wouldn't be able to choose just one :)

    Jenny x

  2. Everyhting looks great Les!!! Love how you left the handle on the breadboards black. My design looks great!!! Thanks so much for purchasing it and putting my button on your blog =) Keep that paint brush movin' Love looking at your work!!!

  3. Your painting is "fabulicious". You are doing such darling items. I love pickled beets. I wish I were closer. LOL Have a great rest of the week.:)

  4. OMG size of those beets!!
    Lurve beetroot! ;)
    Your new pieces of art are so scrummy gorgeous!! Loving the angel in the last pic!!
    Fab work!
    Jan x

  5. wow! You are one good beet grower!!!

    love your latest works, you are getting so much done...jenxo

  6. yummmm. so wish I lived closer .. would love to trade for some.. love pickled beets.. and that one is huge..
    You sure are getting alot accomplished.. love the breadboards and the coasters are so cute.. think I'd go 1 of each with them... everything looks fantastic...

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. Well that one beet was an exception. I haven't harvested them all but will by the weekend, that means more pickling doesn't it. If you all lived closer you could help me!!!LOL
    Again our comments truly inspire me to keep creating.
    L xo


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