Sunday, March 7, 2010

Malware free, you can come back now....PLEASE

Well I did some investigating on the Blogger help files and I believe I have figured out what the problem was, at least I think. On Thurs of this past week I added a widget to the bottom of my page, it was a visitor counter or hit counter. Well Mum detected the Malware on Friday night then she visited the blog again on Saturday morning and got a malware detection again so she called to inform me. I then went to the help files and typed in malware and viruses and widgets are a know thing that malware can be attached to. So I believe the counter that I downloaded from Blogger's list of widgets is where I got it from. I since have removed it and Mum has tested the site for me and NO MORE MALWARE.
I have not heard from Blogger as of yet and maybe I won't but if you do have malware or decided to pick a widget for your blog be warned. I also learned that most virus programs, I use McAfee, do not detect Malware so I had no idea. Blogger has a couple sites that you can download free programs so if you need it it can be located in their help section.
I appologize if I scared anyone but I thank Mum for letting me know so I could get right on the issue.
Please come back and visit, I would hate to think I scared everyone of my followers and visitors away, I would be very sad.
Til next time, L


  1. Glad all is sorted out les , ill come back !xxxjen

  2. I didn't notice and ran a scan, I'm still going to visit. I'd miss your talent. :) Have a great week. :)

  3. I had no problem coming here, but glad you got it all worked out.


  4. It would take more than MALWARE to keep me away!


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