Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some winged inchies

I belong to 2 inchie swap groups. The one recently created Addicted to Inchies is having our first swap titled Wings. There is always a theme to these swaps and it is amazing what kind of creations you can do with a one inch square piece of paper.

So here are my 10 inchies. Our host Becky gets all the inchies sent to her and then she will pick inchies and send them to those who have entered in that inchie swap.

Everyone makes the same number and in some cases you may get one or two of your own back but that's ok because some of these gems are hard to let go of.

I think my fav of all these is the one butterfly that looks like it is going to take off the paper. It is simple but yet looks so light and delicate.

I hope you can be inspired by these small pieces of art as I have been. They are very addicting as well.


  1. Very nice Les! I would hate to send them away also. You are going to town on this blogging. I love seeing what you are doing!


  2. You have been really busy. Love to see what you all make.


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