Friday, June 26, 2009

Plastic Garden Plant Pokes

Last week I had a brainfart and bought some plastic garden T-tags at a local dollar store. They come 10 to a pack.

I will probably do a step by step tut later next week once hubby returns to work after an illness.

I painted some of these and then stamped on them, this one I just used scraps of paper, a flourish stamp, some stick on pearls, and of course a beatiful Asian geisha image on an inchie.

These of course should not be used for outdoor plants as the water will disintegrate them but for indoors in a plant as I have here in my Africal Violet really makes you take a look.

So if you need an idea for a party favour, planning on a little cupcake birthday surprise, need a little sign in a painted skate that you are filling with a bit of greenery, then these are great little quick and easy ideas.

Again I will do a little tut next week so you can see what I do with them. I even added some rub-ons to some.
And Kathy if you are reading this today....put a few little quilled flowers with a printed verse from the computer.

Keep those scraps you never know what you can use them for....I have.


  1. This is a wonderful idea les and its wonderful for your african violet , love the button at the base tooo .......jenxo

  2. Lesley, I'm so glad that you started your own blog site..I think it's wonderful. Keep those good ideas flowing girl... I'll be watching & reading your postings as I drink my tea that is for now.
    The Tea Queen of the North!


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