Monday, April 23, 2012

It's a little bit sketchy

Today weather certainly isn't the kind of spring weather we are used to having. Snow is in the forecast for areas of Ontario to the north of us but we have seen rain again today. There were a few mixed snow flakes but for the most part it is damp and dreary. What a great day to stay inside, wood stove is going and I was able to finish up a few things.
I told you I have been sketching again, sometimes I take a break from it but I am really enjoying what seems to be appearing on my pages. I have 2 full sketch books now and I am almost embarrassed by the first 2 sketches which I was so proud to show you. Like anything tho, the more you do the better you get, at least that is what we all hope and strive for.
I have been doing some whimsy faces as well but the last face I drew I couldn't believe that I sketched it. I also found while surfing around the weeb that some artists use paper stumps to help in the blending and shading of their pencil sketches. I couldn't find any so I made my this tool is wonderful. It takes makes your sketch so much softer and in some ways a bit more realistic.

 And these are my whimsy girls. I loved doing these on canvas board. I cut them to measure 5x5, layered and layered with painty layers. I used bubble wrap, container lids for large cirlces, sequin waste, homemade stencils, etc. I have about 4 layers of paint and lots of gesso. This is so much fun to do. I even painted the wings on the bottom 2 canvases (which of course are the same girl but different colours) and added Diamond Dust to their wings. Scrap paper for their dresses and a bit of painty shading around the outside of them to make them POP. Wooowee, these are fun. I am going to add a piece of ribbon at the back and then cover  it with scrap paper. These make great little swap stuffers and sure to make you smile, they made me smile and I made them.

 And this last canvas is a smaller version of my first sketch but I drew it on dictionary paper. I have seen this around the web and have been waiting to try it. I painted a think layer of gesso on the paper first for durability and so I can see my sketch lines and then I coloured the image using coloured pencils. I added the sparkly purple flower from my stash and paper for her dress and a stick on border around the collar.
Well that is it for today folks.
Thanks for stopping by and stay creative.
Anyone want to do a whimsy swap comment here and maybe we can do a small fun swap.
PS posting on Blogger has become a real chore so if this is all out of whack, it can't be helped. Maybe I need Google Chrome for it to work right. Great all I need is another browser. ACK


  1. oh love your whimsy girls Les...hope you are getting your blogger sorted out...did you see my reply on FB ? xxx

  2. I do like the idea of your lady on the dictionary paper. Great work you are doing here. Loving it all.

  3. Great work, enjoy your sketching and haveing fun with it! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Oh Les...You know I always love popping in to see what you have created. I just love your little whimsey gals.. Soooo sweet and creative..
    Jan x

  5. Beautiful sketches Les... and your whimsy girls are just gorgeous... glad that you have the new Blogger sorted...

    Jenny x

  6. Lesley~ Your sketches are fabulous!! I really like how your painted ones turned out!! Sounds like you had a really good time!!


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