Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It helps to have....

Just a very quick post here. I have been using, up til right now, Internet Explorer as my browser and I was having issues with Blogger to even post, not everything was showing up above the composition box so I took the plunge and downloaded Google Chrome. Well here I am posting and I can see all the functions above the composition box and the screen appears to be larger. So......if you are still using IE then I suggest you switch over to Chrome.....it loads very fast and it will take any bookmarks , passwords  etc and move them over. you can set whether you want Chrome to be your Default Browser or not. I chose not to because I will still use IE for most things. Google Chrome is Free!!!!
This may be why the new Blogger is difficult to use. 
Hope this new development helps you, I say Google products are designed to work with only Google as I have just learned. 
Take care and back to art....


  1. I did the same thing couple days ago,it's better!

  2. glad you got it sorted les, wonder why mine is working ok ? there are lots of disgruntled peeps on blogger , wonder if they will change it back...

  3. Hey Girlie~ GLad you made the switch! Google Chrome is soooo much better. I did tutorial a while back trying to get some of the members at Bella's to switch to Chrome. Sometimes I have issues when trying to add a gadgett, where it seems to keep what you have had on your blog...(others have had this too)...so I use Firefox in those cases :0) I have to catch up on your posts!

  4. Aaahhh! you're back Les! I thought I had downloaded chrome but I hadn't. Now I have and alls well in my world. I still think its a pain having to change though.

  5. Hello Les, I keep meaning to pop by, then get distracted, but I'm here now! I had the same Blogger problems a little while back - so switched browsers from IE to Mozilla Firefox and since then (fingers crossed) have had no problems. Like you, I still have IE but have the Firefox as my default - and that even seems quicker. I think when I was reading the Blogger help pages they recommended the Firefox one so I went with that.

    Wanted to say I've received my ATCs backgrounds from Jenxo - you were a busy bee! They're all lovely. It's funny, when I saw the little 'ART' charm, I thought that's a similar texture to one of the matchboxes Les sent to me. It wasn't until I went to Jen's blog that I saw the charm had come from you! Thanks Les, it's great!


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