Sunday, January 8, 2012

Help Me Celebrate 300 Posts....

I cannot believe I have reached this milestone and it is all because of YOU.
I started this blog because I wanted to share what I did with like minded people and of course meeting new people is something I have really enjoyed.
So here is to my 300th Post and to celebrate a little Giveaway.
As you know there is always rules for giveaways but you don't have to do any of these except leave me a comment.
I first have to tell you I redid my Giveaway Banner to include the link directly to this 300th post in case I post other things before the draw so if you have already posted this on your blog, please remove it and snag the new one with the direct link.
Rules because hey we need a few.....
1. Leave a comment
2. For an extra bonus place my Giveaway button on your blog
3. Post about my giveaway and leave me a comment so I know you posted about it and you will get a third chance
4. If you are not a follower and become one you get another chance, I would really like to reach 200 followers this year so that would make me really happy.
5. If you  know or remember my Cat's name you get another added chance to win.
And here is what you will receive, what you see is not necessarily what you get because the pile is already growing. There is even a little baggie you can't see with bonus items in it.

Papers, one of my key chains with ring will be provided, one of my shabby Angel hangers, the pic does not do this justice, sorry again I am no photographer. Burnt and painted glue butterflies, altered clothespins with butterflies to put on packages, give bags ie you can clip your birthday card to a package so it is all in one place!!!!, Artchix images, a couple mini dominoes so you can alter them yourself, some wood jewelery items from Artchix, apply an image and attach to a chain or your artwork.
 Here is a closeup of these altered Clothespins, I gessoed the pins then applied washi papers to them then added the butterflies. So addicting and they really transform those brown boring pins. New Addiction
 The picture does not do this any justice. I got this image free on Fripperies and Butterflies. I have just recently made a few of these little ATC sized fabric hangers. I added some vintage lace, (thanks Mum) satin ribbon adorned with a brad pegs removed with lovely pearls. I made the hanger and painted these mini clothes pins. I made a few of these at Christmas and they were a real hit. (Thanks Nancy for the inspiration)
 And of course my Key fob made from counter top laminate samples (thanks Home Depot and Loews) LOL
The ring will be provided for you to attach, it is easier to send separate for shipping.
 And I was so excited to do a mini altered canvas with an Artchix mermaid image, the verse came with the images, shells from a swap and I added the crinkly ribbon and some micro beads, and.....I also made the dangly bead hangy thing on the bottom. Love how these turned out.
So there you have it. Like I said I am adding more as I clean up around my kitchen table studio and bins under the bed and stashes all around. LOL
Thank you to all who have commented and have become my blogger friends. Where would I be without you...probably not blogging.
Good luck, you have til January 14th to comment. I will pick the winner on Sunday.
Remember if you do not have a blog I will need to get in touch with you so please leave me your email address or some way to contact you.
Thank you so much Everyone!!!!!


  1. oooh and im first to comment, so glad you started blogging Les...and its rosie cat :)

  2. I have replaced your button with the new one! thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. BIG Congrats Les... 300 posts is fabulous... and so love your new blog look... your giveaway is awesome... always a treat to visit here :)

    Jenny x

  4. Congrats on reaching 300. Hope you continue to reach all your goals! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Oooh, I definitely want to enter this one! I LOVE your work and this is a great pkg. you've put together. Hope I'm lucky!! :D btw, I don't know how to "grab a button and post it on my blog", but I would do so if I knew how. LOL Congrats on 300 :)

  6. Wow, Les, everything looks so nice! I am still stuck on that key chain from the counter samples...wonder if you could paint them also? What a great idea! Please enter me!


  7. Leslie
    you have an awesome giveaway! Just wanted to thank you for sharing the beautiful hangers you created! So pretty! Happy Monday to you! :)

  8. Beautiful giveaways, thank you so much for the chance of winning, x

  9. Hi Les,
    Please enter me in your contest. I am already a follower and I have your blog listed on my side bar, is the button thing different? GIve Rosie a pat for me!

  10. Hi Les,
    What a milestone! Congrats! Of course you already know I'm a follower and your button is already posted on my blog.
    I honestly didn't remember Rosie's name but thanks to Becky we all know it now.
    This is an awesome and generous giveaway Les.
    Keep creating, blogging and inspiring!

  11. Good morning Les.. whoo hoooo!! congrats on 300 posts.. Did a post this morning.. have your giveaway button on the side and hugs to Rosie this morning.. I dd remember before I read Becky's am a follower too.. but you know that..
    Have a fantastic day!!

  12. Congratulations!! Of course your give away package is lovely as are all of your projects..what a delight to win!! I have posted your new button.

  13. Congrats on your milestone- I love your blog and always am inspired by your projects!!!

  14. OK, I was able to copy and paste your button to my blog, but not on my sidebar (still can't figure that out), so don't know if it counts or not. Also already a follower, but you know that :D and I'll thank Becky for letting us know Rosies name too! LOL

  15. I don't usually become a follower of a blog just to enter a giveaway. But since you said it would make you really happy, here I am, an official new follower. Can't wait to see more of your work, and good luck reaching the 200 mark!

  16. Much congratulations on reaching this amazing milestone, Lesley! I'm do happy to be one of your followers, blog friend, matchbox devotee, and past recipient of your beautiful artwork. Here's to 300 more!

  17. Hi Lesley, I am a sometimes follower of yours and have just come across your post for your 300th. Congratulations. I know that I am too late for your giveaway, but I still wanted to send you my congrats as I always enjoy reading your blog and looking at what you have created. I love the way that you improvise with what you have on hand, I also try to do that, but often find myself searching for just the right thing and end up in frustration, so good on you! I think that you are very generous with your giveaway and hope that the lucky winner really appreciates and enjoys it. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of your posts and artwork. Cheers, Karen


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