Sunday, January 29, 2012

ATC Technique Book

Hi everyone, winter has finally reared it's ugly head. Once again we had freezing rain then turned to snow. The ground is white now and more to come.

I have been doing a few arty things but this is not what this post is about.

I want to guide you over to Jenxo's blog and read her post about the ATC Technique book.
A few years ago Jenxo and I moderated a beginner ATC group and Jenxo came up with the idea to make a little book of techniques. People would sign up and say which technique they would do with a description on the back as to how to do that technique. It was a huge hit. If there was 10 of us you make 10 of the one technique you signed up to do.
We sent our ATC's to Jenxo, she made the front and back covers with techniques of course then sent everyone a book back with the ball chain and holes in the book. I am not sure she is planning on doing that part for any newcomers to this but anyways I am directing you over to her post and you can read all about it there. It is nice to have techniques on hand when you need some inspiration or are stuck in your muse, which happens to all of us at one point or another.
Jenxo has started up the idea to add to the existing books we have or you can sign up and start one of your own. Depending on how many sign up you will get that number back.
So go read, sign up, and you will be so surprised at how many techniques are out there.
Til next time....stay crafty


  1. Thanks Les for linking to me....and thanks for the offer of the button. I made one in picasa and have loaded it onto my blog...thanks for your help, this is going to be

  2. It sounds like so much fun doesn't it Les... I love the little books that were created by all of you in the ATC group... and can't wait to start one for myself... it is truly amazing just how many different techniques there are...

    Jenny x


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