Monday, August 8, 2011

The Summer of Colour ends.....

It has been an incredibly fun and challenging time over at Kristin's blog. Kristin has challenged many of us to use colours in our artwork that we enjoy, find challenging, and, make us think outside the box at times.
I am not that computer savvy to figure out how to embed a slide show into my post, so here is a view of the the projects I completed for this challenge.
May I thank Kristin, blogger friends old and new for visiting me, encouraging me, and, leaving lovely comments even if I felt it wasn't my best orange. LOL

(These are not in the order of the weeks that were chosen, )
Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Well done on so much work. It was a great idea with the summer of colour, I will miss it! Valerie

  2. great set of projects. (I even like Orange for its quirky differentness!) I really like the face!

  3. How lovely to look back over your color challenges and see how wonderfully successful you rose to beat the challenges. I hope Kristin takes on the ardous task of another one of these as it looks like a great way to spread creative wings. Sunshine Summer Smiles...

  4. Stunning! LOVE them! I think the Red and Purple are my favorites, but it's hard to say . . . you are so talented and I thank you for sharing this here and for playing along all Summer - it has been a blast and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work in the future. Thank you, xo

  5. They are all wonderful Lesley!

  6. Hi Lesley. You don't need to be a techie to do this. Did you use Flickr? If you do, you can copy the code from your 'set' slideshow - it says embed code. Then in blogger, click on the edit html tap when you compose your message and paste the text in there.
    If you don't use flickr, it's fairly easy to set up and manage an account or you can use, or photobucket, they are all pretty much the same. I'm not hugely techie either but I figured it out with trial and error! Your pages look great all set out like this though - who needs a slide show eh?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous Les... so lovely to see your beautiful pieces all together... certainly was a fun challenge :))

    Jenny x

  8. They are all terrific Lesley, have loved sharing the Summer of Colour with you. x

  9. Looks great Les.. think your orange is great..very quirky.. love it.. it was a fun challenge and love all your pieces all together like this..

  10. I love seeing the whole bunch displayed like this. So beautiful!

  11. Hi Lesley,
    I've so enjoyed seeing your creations over the last few weeks. I think my favourite of yours is the green week, but all gorgeous. Thank you for visiting my blog too.

  12. your work has been varied and beautiful...thankyou for the inspiration and see you next

  13. Your collection is lovely, and I happen to love your orange.

  14. Your cards a just lovely! The dragonfly one is my favorite. Very inspiring! Thanks for visiting me at pollyspaper! : )

  15. Your orange one is fab!!!! Love the face, especially the heavy eyelids. Apart from the orange one, I think the red one is my favourite. What a great challenge it was, I'm sorry I missed it x

  16. Your Summer of Colour collection looks amazing together Les!.. and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your art work and talent throughout this Challenge :)
    Jan x

    ...and I dont know how to do a slide show either!! So you are not alone LOL ;)

  17. Beautiful; I think red and yellow are my favorites!
    So glad you were part of this journey!

  18. They all are Beautiful!
    Looking forward to Summer of Color #2!


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