Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer of Colour-Orange

This is the final colour for the challenge Summer of Colour. Most weeks have been relatively easy but I found Orange was my most challenging.
Since I started off making cards then veered off and made a few other things, I decided I would end with a card. This card is not exactly what I would call my best but I decided after many attempts with orange this was going to be it.
Kristin has hosted a wonderful challenge for us and I am so grateful for new blog friends and not so new who have visited me and left lovely comments. I could not visit everyone's blog every week but I did attempt to visit new ones each week.
So here is my orange entry, again, it is not one of my better but I did attempt a face. I have been practising  faces on and off all summer as a new venture in my muse.
Thanks for dropping by and hope you had a wonderful challenge as I have had.


  1. Lovely illustration in Orange. Enjoy the weekend, Annette x

  2. Very sweet Les... your face is so pretty... and I love the quote... funny isn't it how some colors really challenge us... purple was the one for me :))but I've just ordered some purple paint and maybe orange might be one you include a little more too... Sad to see this challenge end though, it has been wonderful...

    Jenny x

  3. I like your card and the sweet face on it! :-) And I love the saying! (I am one of those who happen to love orange! :-)

  4. This is lovely Lesley, and the face is beautiful! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Oh, this is Fab! I love her purple shadow and the sentiment is perfect. Thank you for your sweet comment and for sharing all of your beautiful work with us ;) xo

  6. I love orange! The saying is so true. How did you get the dots Lesley?

  7. Great quote...makes me your cute sunshine face

  8. oh man, I love this. Your sentiment make me smile and do a little laughy out loud thingy! I love the orange bubble wrap on white. Really catches the eye. And the purple eyelids. Perfect compliment to the orange!


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