Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spring into Summer

Not sure how this happened but we were hit with summer just before our May 24th long weekend. We were enjoying the spring cooler days and all of a sudden it hit. Hot humid and very muggy, no rain, but it was called for many times. On the long weekend we managed to get our vegetable garden in as we always try to do by the end of May as we know the chance of frost is gone. Frost? what the heck is that?
As far as any creativity being done, not much, a bit here and there but for the most part I just haven't had a lot of time. We are huge hockey fans as well so we have been watching the PlayOffs and now there is a lull til the next round.
So not much to report to you at this time but I thought I would show you some flowers and insects that we have been watching right here on our side porch. We recently repotted some flowers and set the porch up for the summer, furniture in place and being surrounded by lovely flowers and nature.
So enjoy and come again.
I am having family over on the weekend for a bbq so my kitchen table had to be stripped of all the supplies and mess I had gathered on the table. What serve food here? this is unheard of.
So til this bbq is over I have to really try to keep the table cleared off then the mess will reappear probably right after company leaves. LOL
Take care and I hope you enjoy your stay.

You can read all about our native bumble bee right here and learn some interesting facts about what the bumblers actually do unlike the honey bee.

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