Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rosie and a birthday

Rosie Cats Rosie Cats
She's orange and white
and quite fat
She's little Rosie Cats

This is my little fur ball Rosie, we have had her for about 7 years now. We adopted her from a pet store that had pets needing homes. We found out during adoption that Rosie was rescued and " had to be removed" from her home. As we came to find out we think she suffered a bit or neurological damage, she has had only a couple of seizures and some flicking of her paws when she starts to walk. She was a very scared kitty when we first brought her home and skinny, my she was skinny. A trip to the vet and some advice and good food really helped her. She needed a lot of love and patience on my part. She didn't start kneading or purring til almost a year after we had her. Poor thing. Now she is Queen and rules the roost. Her favourite past time is just laying around either inside or out. She loves belly rubs at night and from both of us if she can swing it and loves to eat fruit and yogurt. Yes she is a tad spoiled but not having children of my own I certainly have found animals have played a huge role in my life. I have always had pets as long as I can remember but Cats are my choice of pet. They love you unconditionally and sense when you are feeling ill or just not happy that day.
Well I thought I would share a few pics of the Queen in her kingdom....please bow to Miss Rosie Cats =^..^=

And next I want to show you some Birthday love I received over the last couple of days.
I will be celebrating my birthday tomorrow and I think I might be going out for lunch but we will wait to see what JB decides to do.
I received some beautiful cards from my friend Jenxo in Australia, my Mum and my Aunt and Uncle over in the UK , and last but not least this beautifully created altered large matchbox from Jan also in the UK, stuffed with some arty goodness :), images, buttons, lace etc.

Jan does amazing paperarts and just makes my jaw drop when I see her cards and artwork. She truly is gifted when it comes to paper, stamps, die cuts, you name it. Jan has also made me this lovely Birthday card with the little asian doll on the front. Ah thanks so much Smifferoo. :)

Jen made me this beautiful bird card, the card is made using thin tissue, birds and news print kind of tissue and layered on the card. I just kept staring at it and just love  it and best of all she sent me some tissue to make some cards of my own. PS Jenxo I already did :)
All my cards are just wonderful and carefully selected.
Mumsy always spoils me a tad too, I got a lovely gift bag of stamp pads a couple of embossing folders to play with my new Cuttlebug and a few other paper goodies.
Thank you all my dear Family and good friends.
You all have touched my heart and I love you all so very much.


  1. Happy Birthday Lesley! What wonderful talented friends you have!

  2. aww Happy Birthday Les...i thought you'd like using that paper... rosie is gorgeous too...

  3. Lovely gifts! Your kitty is just beautiful. Wish she could meet my two - well, on the other hand - maybe not.

  4. Found your blog!
    Rosie is gorgeous. I have always had a dog.
    I have a gold lab called Leo. He is almost human. LOL!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday.
    Lovely cards and gifts.
    See you in cyber space


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