Monday, February 8, 2010

Dress Up 2010 Challenge

Well I haven't posted in quite some time but not because I didn't want to. Just been busy catching up on swaps, I am a mod on a couple of boards so trying to organize swaps and also working on a few challenges.

I was directed towards this fun challenge by a good friend of mine and I thought why not.
Margaret's blog has a Dress Up 2010 challenge. You make one dress a month for the next year with a total of 12 dresses. These are to be done in an altered art sort of fashion. As you know I did a tutorial not long ago on fused fibers and I knew exactly what I wanted to do for my first dress. I started with my February dress because I wanted my dress to reflect Valentines and some femininity. I will make up Janurary's dress soon but I am so excited to share my first one here.
I dyed some wool with some Crystal Lite drink crystals in a Strawberry Kiwi drink which produced a beautiful  rose colour, added some water of course and dyed my wool in it for a bit. Squeezed it out then hung to dry by the woodstove. Then I made my fused fibers by adding some paper flowers, some pink curly ribbon, and a few other stringy fibers. Fused that all together then cut the dress out using my template Margaret was so kind to send to me.
Then I proceeded to embellish the dress. I didn't have a lot of lace so I took some paper boarder punch and used that at the waist line and hem, then for the neckline I cut the wider part of the boarder off then made small slits to that I could move around the neckline like you do if you were to sew around armholes and necklines with interfacing. Same concept works with paper too. then I added beads and some roses I quilled. And that is it. Simple yet very feminine. I can't wait to do more of these. Each one will be a great challenge and as you get to know me you know, I love a challenge and learning new techniques.

Stay tuned for more and tomorrow I want to show you how I am doing so far in my personal greeting card- a- day challenge for this year. I am whipping them off and I now have over 40 cards made, large and small.


  1. your dress is so lovely, every detail is sweet and delightful!

  2. What a beautiful and romantic little dress, fits perfect for Valentine.

  3. aww Les its GORGEOUS!!! so pretty and i love the way you used the fused fibres, fun eh???
    nice to something other than rectangles or squares!!lol

  4. What a lovely dress. The flowers are the perfect addition to this stunning piece.

  5. Hi Lesley. I'm so pleased you've decided to join us, your dress is fab!! very romantic and perfect for valentines. Great info about the fused fibres too. Margaret

  6. Oh, Les! I WANT to to this? This reminds me of all of those wonderful dresses my Mom made for me and my sister when we were little. Did you get a template? I just need either a template or the dimensions, and I'm off!

  7. Oh, I love your dress Les...
    So pretty and feminine
    ..perfect for valentines/February!!
    ...Really must make a start on mine!!

    Jan x

  8. ooh turned out so pretty... love it.. and the quilled roses are soo stunning on it.. so glad you decided to do it..

  9. Such a pretty dress and a brilliant tutorial on fibre fusing.
    Thank you


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