Saturday, February 27, 2010

2 posts today #1- personal card challenge

Hi there, well I finally got a picture taken of some cards and my little tote that is just filling up quickly with handmade cards. I have been having so much fun creating these, a little addicting too I found.  I will have to get a much larger tote to put these into as the year progresses, so far I have 64 cards made and it is only the 27th.
What I have been doing to make things go quickly and easily for me is I make several cards alike at one time and then change them up, sizes being from small to larger and I pick a day when to do some. I have a very small house so my kitchen table hardly ever gets used to eat on so things are spread out right in plain view and I make a bunch of cards then have to put it all  away to work on other things. Needless to say I have it down pat but if you want to eat  you have to use the tv tables or give me lots of notice you are coming. More things have been created on this table than meals I think. LOL
If you click on the picutre you will get a better view.
Now off to post my 100th post since beginning blogging and a giveaway to thank all who follow and leave me lovely comments.



  1. Wow amazing amount of cards you have must be nice to tho to just grab to send out instaetd better make one and then buying one!!
    They look wonderful and our kitchen table is always covered in art stuff too....i get more done that way... have loved watching the olympics too..jenxo

  2. They are so beautiful! and such a change-up, right? I made a birthday card for my daughter to accompany the painting I gave her. I must post it.


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