Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long time No post

Just touching base with all my blogger friends. I have been absent but not for not wanting to.
We have been very busy with things around the house, had to replace a water pump in the basement, built steps onto the one end of the deck, garden is really taken a jump lately so we are on weed control. Usual bills like house insurance, getting wood in, getting furnace topped up before the Harmonized Sales Tax comes into effect and the usual stuff in life.
Well I have phone line issues, we have interference on the phone which has been reported and the technician came on the weekend to diagnose the problem with some fancy meter he hooks up to your phone line and detected it was across the road and down a ways from our house to the pole. Some contractor was supposed to be here Monday to dig up the line and fix it but of course it hasn't happened yet.
So needless to say being on dial up is very slow, I get kicked off constantly so I am keeping busy doing some painting and working on some swaps but will have to wait a while before doing any more. I can't post pictures either for fear if I am in the midst I will get kicked off. My dial up speed is at a crawl so til further notice I will have to stay offline til the problem is fixed.
Not to worry I will get back on line and try to catch up with all my blogger friends and see what you have all been up to.
Til then, create and be happy.

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