Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Belated Easter

Hello everyone.
I hope you all had a lovely Easter with family and friends.
We have been very busy these past few weeks, cleaning up inside then the weather here in Eastern Ontario has been just gorgeous so we are a month ahead on garden and lawn clean up after a fairly good winter. Always things to do around here and with hubs being laid off we are getting a lot of much needed things done and attended to. One job sometimes turns into many but we have the time, strength and health so we do it while we can.
I have been doing a few arty things when time permits, I will show you in my next few posts. Over at ATC for Beginners group we have a monthly lottery where you make 2 cards in a chosen them then at the end of the month your name is pooled with other entries and you have a chance to win a booty of cards in that chosen theme. Barb picked this month's theme of faux metal and provided us with a few links on the topic and so I had to try one of the them. I am again addicted to this technique and can see doing many variations on this but I am finding hand embossing puts a lot of stress by pressing into my stencils, I have a problem with both my shoulders so I have to watch what I do with a lot of things, and how long I do them. I can see needing some sort of embossing machine but that will be money permitting and researching the best machine to fit my needs. Any such suggestions on what types of machines for embossing and preferrably cutting designs as well would be greatly appreciated.
Well this is a short post. Just wanted to let all my followers, friends, old and new, know that I am still around and I am creating between chores and the beautiful weather we are now experiencing.
Do take care of one another and I promise I won't be so long this next time posting.


  1. Hi Lesley
    Yes I too am looking into an embossing machine. Its taken me several weeks to decide how to spend my birthday money (which is burning a hole in my pocket!)at this stage I'm thinking about the Big Shot. A friend has one and it looks quite stable and strong. It also embosses leather and thin metal. Also it will take the Tim Holtz dies which are coming out here (gradually) to Australia. So..... I think I'll take the plunge and get the Big Shot. Gosh I'd like to one day just buy something and not have to go through justifying it this way!LOL

  2. Hi Les, Wonder where you were, have missed your posts!!
    I'm a big fan of the Big Shot, and am looking forward to getting my hands on a couple of the Tim Holtz dies soon!
    Can't wait to see what arty things you've been up to!
    Jan x

  3. Glad that you are fitting in some creative time. Love the background of your blog!


  4. So is this something that you would like for your birthday? I am always looking for ideas and we have a great place here in town that I can go to...Let me kmow...luv, luv Mum


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